Jim Jones always wants to learn more and get better. He constantly talks to college and NBA coaches about his fundamental approach to teaching the game and they usually want to know more about it and see him at work. Here’s a sample of what people involved in the game who’ve seen Jim’s workouts have to say.

Coach K Endorsement
“Dear Jim, I really enjoyed spending time with you in Sacramento. Thanks for the video. It’s a good one!”

— Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University

“Jim is extraordinary in how he teaches the game. With the players getting bigger, stronger, and faster in today’s game, your footwork has to be fundamentally sound. If you watch the videos and improve on the skills he talks about, it will help you make any team–middle school, high school, college, and beyond.”

— Dexter Shouse, Former Pro Player, Philadelphia 76ers

“If a player wants to learn how to play the game right, get fundamentally sound, and clean up their game, it’s a no-brainer. At any level, not just high school, but college, junior high, elementary, even NBA.

“Any player that wants to get polished up and get more skilled–send them to Jim Jones.”

— Ed Madoc, Head Coach, Fresno City College

“Jim teaches common sense basketball. He has really helped my players. I can tell in the games which players have worked with Jim. After just a few workouts, their whole game is transformed.

“He teaches a way to simplify what to do. The videos are good for players of all ages from guards to post players. The drills encompass everything from change of speeds to shooting off the move and critical footwork you need to excel.”

— Clayton Williams, Head Coach and Founder, Dream Vision AAU, California

“Jim Jones is regarded as a basketball guru here on the West Coast. No bells and whistles–just footwork, playing with space, and taking all the garbage out of your game. Jim will impact your game immediately while taking you back to the old school.”

— Christian Popoola, College & National High School Basketball Consultant

“I met Coach Jones, ironically, arguing about the merits of great players from yesteryear such as Phil Chenier, Phil Smith and Kevin Johnson, and right off the bat, I knew he had a deep knowledge of the game.

As I got to know him a bit better, I found out Coach Jones actually played against some of those guys and coached and the high school and junior college level.

Most importantly, he knows how to apply the knowledge he’s learned over the years by teaching young players the fundamentals of the game in a unique way.

He’s mastered teaching what is essentially a simple game by removing bad habits young players don’t need but may have picked up from less qualified trainers or by watching talented players who can get away with poor fundamentals to a certain extent.”

— Ronnie Flores, Cal-Hi Sports Senior Editor

“Players that Jim Jones has worked with always stand out because of the efficient, professional way in which they play the game. By working with Jim, young players can focus on mastering the things that make them the most effective on the court.”

— James Kerti, HoopsThink, Basketball Scout & Consultant