Buy Jim Jones’
New Training DVD

Jim Jones’ brand-new hour-long skills training DVD Basketball: The Old School Way is now available for purchase for just $19.99.

Basketball: The Old School Way DVDJones shares drills that allow players to take their games to a higher level through the development of fundamentals, improving first step explosiveness and an increased understanding of how to attack defenders.

The 12 drills covered in the DVD are as follows:

  1. Starts And Stops
  2. Backing Up To Square
  3. Squaring Up Around The Arc
  4. Attacking Either Direction
  5. One- And Two-Step Jumpshots
  6. Square Up Into Jumpshot
  7. Analyzing Alex Perez
  8. Pump Fake Stepover
  9. Triple Threat Pivot To Create Space
  10. Two-Footed Mikan Drill
  11. Triple Threat Pivot Into Jump Shot
  12. Triple Threat Pivot And Pump Fake

These drills provide instruction on the fundamental concepts that help players gain an edge, starting with controlling the space between the ball-handler and the defender.

“The game is about beating your defender in the most efficient possible manner,” Jim Jones said. “It’s about seeing lanes and attacking the openings. Offensive players have a huge advantage because they know where they’re going on the court and when they are going to go.”

“Effective movement with the basketball beats defenders. Wasteful movements don’t. Athleticism and explosiveness are pointless if they’re wasted on dribbling without purpose.”

You can order the DVD and start training by clicking the Buy Now button below.