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$12 each for white T-Shirt (includes shipping & handling)
$15 each for color T-Shirt (includes shipping & handling)

Color T-Shirt options are: Blue, Black, Cream (Note: Each color has a slightly different front and back design. Refer to the photo with all four T-shirts for front design. Click on photos to zoom in.)

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Five white T-Shirts for $50 (includes shipping & handling)
Five color T-Shirts for $60 (includes shipping & handling)

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL

Five white T-Shirts.
Please specify sizes.

Five color T-Shirts.
Please specify colors & sizes.

Note: Please specify which color when placing order. Bulk rates available on
orders of 10 or more T-shirts. Please email cjjones1215@yahoo.com or text
559-241-9122 for bulk inquiries.

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Student Sports covers Basketball: The Old School Way

Student Sports wrote about Basketball: The Old School Way in a feature in February.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

There is now a growing generation of young players in professional basketball that had personal trainers by high school. The problem Jones sees is every trainer is trying to outdo the next one in order to secure clients. He sees a movement of teaching gimmicks to outdo the next trainer and, more importantly, a move away from the fundamentals of the game.

“I see trainers using more than one ball, teaching stutter-stepping, and teaching fakes to beat defenders,” said Jones, who previously coached at Fresno City College and three high schools in California. “The game is about beating your defender in the most efficient possible manner. The game is about seeing lanes and attacking the openings. Offensive players have a huge advantage because they know where they’re going on the court and when they are going to go.”

Jones’ focus is fundamental offensive concepts. No gimmicks, no wasted time and no wasted motions. Jones has worked with NBA players and understands some players are superior athletes with great size and explosiveness. Players with a special level of athleticism will always have an excellent chance to get paid to play. That won’t change no matter how personal trainers influence the game going forward.

To read the article in full at Student Sports, CLICK HERE.

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