Basketball: The Old School Way

Basketball skills trainer Jim Jones focuses on teaching young players the fundamentals of the game.

Jones’ time in basketball goes back over forty years to his days as a point guard at the University of Nevada, Reno and Cal State Bakersfield.

Though he believes in doing things “The Old School Way”, he’s by no means out of date — he’s helped the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA D-League improve their skills, as well as standout young players such as Shabazz Muhammad, Aaron Gordon, Stephen Zimmerman, and Isaac Hamilton.

His coaching experience also includes six seasons as a Skills Coach at Fresno City College, who went 169-11 and won State Championships in 2005 and 2012 under his direction. Jones also coached between 1986 and 2002 at three high schools in California’s Central Valley: Coalinga, Bullard of Fresno and Central of Fresno.

“I think the biggest problem in the game today is young players spend too much time practicing 3-pointers and spot shooting to the hindrance of developing an all-around game,” Jones said.

“Players of past generations would go into the gym and you very seldom saw them playing full court. We would focus on 3-on-3 half court and there wasn’t a 3-point line so you had to learn how to attack the rim or shoot it off the dribble in order to stay on the court. I go to high school games nowadays and players lack the ability to effectively beat defenders in half court situations.”

By focusing on the core offensive skills Jones teaches, young players can focus on beating their opponents in the easiest, most efficient ways possible.

No wasted time. No wasted movement. All explosive.

Basketball: The Old School Way DVDIn his new hour-long skills training DVD, Basketball: The Old School Way, Jim Jones shares 12 drills covering fundamental skills young players need to develop to excel.

Jim JonesThe drills focus on essential footwork and the fundamentals of ball-handling and shooting. Whether you are a guard, center, or forward, whether you are just starting to learn the game or training to play professionally, every player and coach will benefit from this new and unique way to learn and teach the game of basketball.

While other coaches look at X’s and O’s, Coach Jim Jones has spent a lifetime focused on individual skill development and the footwork required for players of all ages to elevate their game.

You can buy Coach Jones’ DVD for only $19.99.

Watch the trailer for the DVD below:

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